An Actor’s Least Favorite Question

I know a few actors who are constantly working, but for the most part, even successful ones are wondering what their next gig will be. This blogger below, Patti Murin, puts it very nicely.

I’ll never forget, before I ever attempted screenwriting, I saw a production of “Exit the King” at a tiny theater and loved it. A few weeks later, I sat down for a beer with my ex. It was a large busy bar, and it took a few minutes for a waiter to see that we’d seated ourselves. He finally came around, and looked oddly familiar. My ex recognized him first: “It’s the king!” I was surprised at how abashed and annoyed he was. We eventually became good friends and still have a laugh about it now and then.

Literally Patti Murin

“Oh my goodness, the show was so wonderful! You are so talented!”

“Thank you so much!” you reply, slightly shy at the outpouring of compliments from this family member/friend/stranger/superfan, but ultimately feeling the glow of pride in a job well done.

“Really, your voice is incredible,” they continue, further elevating your spirits.

“I love this music, so it makes it a real pleasure!” you share, feeling grateful that people are so excited about what you just did on stage.

“So what’s next for you? Any shows coming up?”

And just like that, the glow fades.

Because I don’t have any shows coming up. I do not know what is next. I am completely unemployed in every sense of the word, and you unfortunately just accidentally reminded me of that.

Don’t get me wrong, I know you only ask this because you care and are genuinely interested in where my career…

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