Iran, Where Social Media Falls Short

My Facebook feed, often full of certain and unshakable opinions about world events, has been oddly silent this week following the agreement John Kerry brokered between Iran and the world powers. Is it just too nuanced, by its very nature murky? A potential misstep? Is saying “Hallelujah” going to mark us as fools, or, in some of our friend’s eyes, closet anti-semites?

My Twitter is a little better, but that’s thanks to a few public personae I follow.

I feel like this is what social media doesn’t do well. It’s great with no-brainers. Single cop shoots single African-American guy in the back as he runs away: I hear about it hundreds of times. A deal brokered between a nation of 78 million people and the rest of the world, human suffering alleviated on a mass scale, and a complicated if-then enforcement system set up, not so much.

Shame on us, not matter what you think of the deal.

What do I think? I quote Churchill: “To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war,” and if Obama’s pissing off Netanyahu and the Saudis, he must be doing something right.

What do you think?

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